We offer a wide range of bedroom furniture from sliding doors to opening doors, bedside cabinets and walk in wardrobes.

we have over 20 different finishes of sliding door along with the option of softclosing doors and are confident we can meet your rqiurements.



Once you have decided on the style of wardrobe you want, then you can start to think about the combination of doors.  These can be either in a glass finish or wooden finish, the colours of glass can be mixed within the door to create a very stunning effect. 

When the exterior of the wardrobe has been chosen  you can start to think about what you would like on the inside, any combination of storage is available.  Whether you require more hanging space or shelving, anything and everything can be incorporated into your design.  We also offer a wide range of from pull down hanging rails to tie racks.

One of the main features that we offer on the sliding doors is the new soft close technology, this means that there is no more slamming of doors instead the doors close gently and softly.